The simpsons vs south park

the simpsons vs south park

The simpsons no matter what, simpsons will always be a classic it came out the year i was born so basically each year of my life i will be able to. Why 'south park' has surpassed 'the simpsons' south park vs springfield, by the numbers tally up the metacritic user scores for each of south park. The simpsons, south park and family guy compete for being the most popular animated tv series for adults which one do you prefer the simpsons vs south park vs. The simpsons because south park basically copies everything that the simpsons has done in its twenty year history. If south park, the simpsons, futurama, and family guy were to fight in a battle who would win. Epic rap battles between bart simpson vs eric cartman, south park vs the simpsons, who will win so sorry for not uploading yesterday, this is what i was. Which show do you think will be on tv longer now, my dream is for the simpsons to be the longest running television show ever, but they have to go to 21. Discussion, debate, and comments on whether the simpsons movie is better than south park: bigger, longer & uncut at flickchart.

Some of my animated tv shows growing up well simpsons mostly because that has somewhat of a family appeal while family guy i saw when i was 12, and south p. South park vs family guy: when two cartoon tribes went to war themed version of the simpsons rather than south park as it has the same basic structure. Quite a while ago, dr strangelove started this thread but had it closed since the movie wasn't out yet since he hasn't put it up again, i thought i'd open it what. The truth of the matter isthe simpsons has been around for a longer time so people like it better,however south park came after it and is at its 20th season while. I choose family guy, because the last 10 years the simpsons have been horrible and south park is good but not as funny as family guy. Discover why, in the 21st century, south park beats the simpsons every time.

The simpsons vs south park vs family guy drawn together vs king of the hill personal answers to the following questions: 1 which one. As much as it pains me, i'm going with south park if you take an average of all the simpsons episodes, like 20% are good at this point. Not a war or contest against the characters--but against the shows themselves which do you prefer.

Warning: this south park/the simpsons crossover fan fiction story has very foul language, implied sexual situations and a great mass mockery that the show is widely. If i had to put them in order it’d probably be: 1 south park 2 family guy 3 the simpsons 4 futurama 5 american dad but i really don’t have any interest.

Which one of these classics do you prefer i loved simpsons as a kid but i have totally grown out of it i can still watch family guy since its my. Simpsons and south park crossover fanfiction archive with over 12 stories come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the simpsons and south. Listen to music from the simpsons vs south park like simpsons vs south park find the latest tracks, albums, and images from the simpsons vs south park.

The simpsons vs south park

the simpsons vs south park

These three shows are quite similar i first like the simpsons, then south park for a short spell, and now i watch family guy however, it seems that.

South park easily the simpsons could have been but 13 good seasons have been tainted by about 15 shit ones futurama and king of the hill deserve. Originally posted by nasjayz view post i love futurama as you should it's a lot funnier than family guy and never became this aging thing that won't. Tomorrow, ewcom will unveil our list of the 25 greatest animated series ever we'll be asking you, beloved readers, to. The big 3 not which is best, or greatest of most important, because that's clearly the simpsons which is your personal favourite rank them, if you. It s a debate that s lasted almost as long as the show itself: which is better, south park or the simpsons of course, the simpsons is the original animated sitcom. Peter griffin vs eric cartman from the south park series in a mugen match / battle / fight - duration: 2:11 epicgaminggalaxycontent 2,367 views.

Fox announced that family guy and the simpsons will do a crossover episode what about the little town of south park. I watch them all if i had to rank them though i would go with south park = futurama metalocalypse venture brothers aqua teen hunger force king of the hill.

the simpsons vs south park the simpsons vs south park

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